Max Force Shadow Hawk -100 Hands On Review

Snipers. Have you ever heard that word before? Every time someone talks about a sniper they talk about how these certain guns are extremely accurate and can shoot for miles on end before stopping! These guns are one of the most advanced guns ever and have been modified to suit anyone’s needs. But how can you be a good sniper if you don’t have the right gun? Most dart guns can’t perform properly and can’t shot very far. If you are tired of buying these guns and just about to give up, don’t! Max Force has just created a new gun that can perform better than any dart sniper. The Shadow Hawk -100 is a new type of sniper that shots specially designed pellets that splat on impact. This gun uses a pump action trigger to shot the pellets. With all of these features, theirs one more feature that really sticks out to me. The bolt action reloading system on this gun makes the Shadow Hawk -100 really feel like a sniper! Once you shot your pellet you pull back the bolt to reload the next pellet into the chamber.

The Shadow Hawk -100 comes with many different accessories. These accessories include 120 soft pellets, Max Force glasses, an ammo clip, a scope, removable stock and barrel, instructions, and the gun itself. This gun comes with so many different accessories as well as many different features. At over three feet long this gun can shoot about 60 – 100 feet. That’s pretty impressive compared to other toy snipers. Overall I had a blast using this sniper. Although I may be more of a semi or auto fire type person, I really had fun shooting a gun that can perform very well. The gun was fun to use but I didn’t like how the gun did not come with a trigger. But the pump action trigger system was a good replacement. With so many different accessories and a bunch of features in this sniper, the Max Force Shadow Hawk -100 is the new and improved toy gun that will get the job done!

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