zoolert Top 20 Hot and Cool Toys for Holiday 2011

After many months of tracking, and hands on reviews from many toy companies. We finally came up with the top 20 toys on zooLert’s list that we think will be a hit for this Holiday 2011.

The Hot and Cool toys in this list are not in any order.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll With Pet Wooly Mammoth Named Shivver and Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll With Pet Ferret And Rhuen

Monster High dolls have been hot and hard to find since last year. And now, Mattel is releasing more new Monster High dolls to prepare for this holiday. These are the two Monster High dolls that made it on to our hot and hard to find list for this holiday 2011. Read more…

Monster High tracker

Lalalopsy AA Doll Ice Skater and Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage

Again, Lalaloopsy dolls have been hot and hard to find. MGA Entertainment is releasing more new Lalaloopsy dolls to prepare for this holiday. These are Lalaloopsy AA Doll Ice Skater, Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage, Lalaloopsy Silly Hair, Lalaloopsy Holly Sleighbells and the old series of Lalaloopsy Dolls. The two dolls that stand out the most are the Lalaloopsy AA Doll Ice Skater and the Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage.

Lalalopsy Dolls tracker

Mini Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage and Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse

There are many Mini Lalaloopsy dolls that are very high demanding like Sahara Mirage, Bea SpellsALot, Spot Splatter Splash, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Sunny Side Up, Blossom Flowerpot and Tippy Tumblelina but the Mini Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage is by far one of the hotter mini Lalaloopsy doll.

Also, the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse is a must buy! This playset comes with many detailed features, and tons of treehouse accessories. This doubled sided treehouse comes with two exclusive Mini Lalaloopsy characters – Spot Splatter Splash, and Patch Treasurechest. Each character comes with their own pet as well, a parrot, and pony. Read more…

Mini Lalalopsy Dolls tracker

Smurfs Bean Bag Plush Smurfette

On July 29, 2011 the Smurfs movie was released to theaters in 3D! This new movie was a big hit. And to add to the excitement of the movie, big stars like Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, and Hank Azaria were able to participate in the exciting film! Because this movie was such a success, a line of cute new plush dolls were released after it! You can collect all of the fun and adorable little Smurf plush toys! These Surf Bean Bag Plush toys are for kids ages 3-7 and will make a great gift for any Smurf fan! Read more…

Smurfs Bean Bag Plush tracker

Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends Interactive Toy every girl’s best friend, Fijit Friends are interactive, robotic toys that are full of personality, can talk, dance and laugh and feature Sonic Chirp capabilities so they can respond to various media platforms including apps. Currently, there are four Fijit Friends available. There are Serafina, Logan, Sage and Willa.

Fijit Friends tracker

Star Wars the Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Figure Pack

In the Star Wars saga Return of the Jedi was a Powerful ending to the fight between good and evil. But the movie was slated to be called Revenge of the Jedi. And while the movie was still undergoing some last minute changes George Lucas decided that the movie should be titled Return of the Jedi because Jedi do not seek Revenge. To celebrate the unique history of this film the exclusive new toy was named Revenge of the Jedi and comes with 14 action figures from the movie. Read more…

Star Wars the Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Figure Pack tracker

LeapFrog – LeapPad and Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet

Tired of your kids messing with your ipad, or worried that they might accidentally break it, well stop your worries because leap frog has just created the LeapPad! Read more… or Vtech InnoTab. Read more…

LeapFrog – LeapPad tracker and
Vtech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet tracker

Let’s Rock Elmo

It all began with the original Tickle Me Elmo doll, released in 1996 just in time for Christmas, and causing quite a stir among retailers and consumers alike. In 2001, the “Surprise Edition” of Tickle Me Elmo was released, bringing another Elmo to Hot Toy Mania. Then, in 2006, Elmo evolved to TMX (Tickle Me Elmo Ten) and he wasn’t just a doll anymore. He became an interactive toy. Elmo would roll around on the ground, wave his arm up and down, and beg the child to stop tickling him. A score of other Elmo dolls followed, including one that could recite stories to children, and each has consistently become a Hot Toy. Read more…

Let’s Rock Elmo tracker

Air Swimmer Flying Fish

But who said all fish needs water to swim? This Air Swimmer Remote Control Flying Clownfish will wow anyone with its life-like swimming—in midair! After the fish is filled with helium, the Air Simmer swims through the air smoothly and life-like motion. Read more…

Air Swimmer Flying Fish tracker

Air Hogs Hyper Actives

Once again, Air Hogs has created a new R/C toy. But this isn’t your average R/C. This R/C has more of a mini R/C type body. Now I know what you’re thinking, another mini R/C, yea I know. When I first saw the car, I did see that the car really wasn’t so mini, in fact, the car is right between being a mini and a medium sized R/C. But even then, that didn’t convince me to believe that this R/C was going to perform well. Read more…

Air Hogs Hyper Actives tracker

Bakugan Dragonoid Destroyer

When Bakugan first hit the market, people went crazy. Even I went crazy, wanting to buy as many of these pop up toys as I could before they sold out the next day. These toys showed great potential to be amazing. Because they popped up when they hit their gate cards, they not only made exciting toys for kids but they were different from every other toy. Because Bakugan were so, fun and unique people couldn’t get enough. And now Bakugan continues to impress me and their fans with new Bakugan products. Bakugan has come up with a new toy called Dragonoid Destroyer. This set comes with one Bakugan BakuBlitz, one Bakugan Sky Raider, and one Bakugan Commandix Dragonoid. Read more…

Bakugan Dragonoid Destroyer tracker

Nerf Vortex Tracker

In 2010, Nerf created a line of new blasters that toppled all other Nerf guns. These guns included the Stampede ECS, the longstrike CS-6, the Alpha Trooper CS-18, and so much more! But now in the summer of 2011, Nerf is prepared to change the way we know Nerf, FOREVER! Nerf has already announced that on September 1, 2011 a new line of guns called the Nerf Vortex Blasters will have an all new style, but not only will the style be changed but the darts as well will also be changed into discs! Read more…

Nerf Vortex tracker

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

The creators of the popular app, Angry Birds, now present Angry Birds Knock Wood Game. This game has the same excitement and competitive instincts from the app. The green pigs are at it again; they are stealing the Birds’ eggs. To get revenge, these wingless birds need your help to go destroy their enemies’—the green pigs—homes. Read more…

Angry Birds Knock Wood Game tracker

My Keepon – Dancing Robot

My Keepon dancing robot does just that and more! It has an uncanny sense of rhythm and adorable dance moves that will keep you and anyone else hooked. It dances to all types of songs, from pop music, ballads, and much more. Read more…

My Keepon – Dancing Robot tracker

DaGeDar Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway

Ready set roll! DaGeDars are a new series of toys that are easy and simple to set up, but the possibilities with these toys are endless! The geniuses behind this fun and exciting new toy are also the geniuses behind the furry little friends known as Zhu Zhu pets! With the Zhu Zhu pets being such a great success, we already know the great potential this company has for making amazing toys; and without a doubt, DaGeDar is a very fun toy to play with! Both the tracks and ball bearings can be collected to help add to your DaGeDar collection. Read more…

All DaGeDar tracker

Disney Rock Star Mickey

Last year Dance Star Mickey was a HOT and hard to find toy. But this holiday season it is sure to be the all new Disney Rock Star Mickey! This rockin’ new toy lights up as he shows off his crazy new dance moves and jams on his guitar! And to get the party started turn Mickey onto his “You’re a rock star mode,” and your entire family will be dancing along while Mickey will be rockin’ the stage! And to top it all of Mickey will be performing his crazy signature move. The Mouska-split! Read more…

Disney Rock Star Mickey tracker

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