DaGeDar Vortex Spinner and Collectable Ball Hands on Review

It’s time to spin to win! DaGeDar has already created sets where your DaGeDars can fly, race, and even perform crazy stunts! But DaGeDar isn’t about to stop just yet! DaGeDar has once again taken an ordinary game and turned it into a fun new way to play. The all new DaGeDar Vortex Spinner is going to take the average game of spinning tops and turn it into a new DaGeDar game. The set comes with one spinner and a collectable DaGeDar ball bearing. The spinner set is not only a great way to expand your DaGeDar collection with more ball bearings but it can also help extend your spinner collection. Within the DaGeDar vortex spinner series, you have different spinners that have different colors and blade shapes. This will make collecting DaGeDar a lot more fun because not only is their ball bearings to collect but also different types of spinners to collect as well. But what really sets this spinner apart from most spinners is that it has a small area on the top of the spinner where you can put your DaGeDar into. This will make it more fun to watch your favorite DaGeDar’s spin or battle with other spinners!

After looking at these spinners, I have noticed that the spinners are a little hard to spin. You have to time the spin and give a lot of force to get the spinner going, but once the spinner is up and spinning, then you can create games to see who has the better DaGeDar spin or who’s DaGeDar can stay up the longest. Overall the Vortex Spinner is a very good and durable toy that will open up many opportunities for fun and exciting new game play. With so many different spinners to collect and chose from, you will never see spinning tops the same way again!

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