Dagedar Carry Case and Collectable Ball Hands On Review

DaGeDar a fun new toy that is great for any occasion. But what do you do when you are on the go? That’s easy! DaGeDar has come up with an easy way to carry your DaGeDar ball bearings without stuffing them into your pocket. DaGeDar has created the Flip Action Carrying Case to help you bring your DaGeDars on the go with ease. This Flip Action Carrying Case comes with your carrying case that can hold up to three DaGeDars and the set also comes with one DaGeDar ball bearing. The carrying case is easy to use and comes with a clip so that you can attach the carrying case on to your backpack, bag, or even belt. The case also has a unique design so that once you open the mouth of the case your DaGeDar ball bearing will ready to go! One last thing about this carrying case is that it has a secure lock on clip that allows you to keep the mouth of the case open.

Overall this case is very useful. I have clipped on the case to my belt and walked around my house. The case was very secure and I was not worried about the case falling off or dropping my DaGeDars. I also found it very useful that the mouth of the case has a spring so that if your DaGeDar case opens up for some reason but is not locked, then the mouth will automatically close until you lock the mouth. All of these features made it fun and easy to use. The features of this case as well as the fun play-ability of the DaGeDar ball bearing that comes with this case made it a set worth taking a look at because first of all you have a carrying case that makes it easier to carry around all of your favorite DaGeDars as well as helping your collection grow with a DaGeDar ball bearing which is included. You will never have to shove your DaGeDar’s into your pocket ever again!

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