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Mechatar Robot – Kodar

This toy took me a bit by surprise. At first glance it looks like yet another RC toy that’s geared towards a Sci-Fi generation, but then you find that these guys actually battle each other not only in real life, but then can have battles replayed in the cyber world by uploading them onto the computer! You can also complete missions online and see journeys you have taken in real life play out on the computer in the Mechaverse. Your Mechatar can get instruction and learn new attacks that can then be downloaded onto the actual toy and then used in real life “Earth Battles”. With an entire online community, battles, and technology involved, this is hands down unlike any other RC toy on the market and a sure reason why this is in the hottest toys of the year category!

Kodar is the blue Mechatar , who is labeled as the fierce yet loyal caring protector. He would become an instant buddy and team mate to any child. Other Mechatars include Wrexx and Alpha. Additional weapons can also be purchased.

Mechatar – Kodar

Because of the high end of technology involved in these Robots, there is an age recommendation of 8-10 years of age. Online supervision is suggested as well. All in all, I see this being a long term, quick selling fun toy because of its versatility and uniqueness. They can be found at most retailers for around $39.00 with accessories around $9.99. They are created by Bossa Nova Concepts, who also bring you toys like Skylee the dragon.

Mechatar – Wrexx

Mechatar – Alpha

Available online, check out Mechatar Tracker


All Around Chuggington Set Hands On Review

Chuggington Interactive Railways is a new train set that actually has the ability to interact with itself. This revolutionary new set is great for kids ages 3 and up and can really keep your kids entertained for hours. The set comes with Wilson the train, a cargo cart, the Round House, a loading yard, a tower platform and of course your track accessories. The set also comes with batteries that you can use for the set. The set itself may take some adult assembly only because at first the instructions are a little difficult to read, you can chose form three different track sets to build! Each one has its own unique build that makes each playing experience different and fun.

Overall, the set is very cool, it has many unique features, but one of the coolest features is that the set can interact with itself! What that means is that anytime Wilson drives up to the tower platform, the Round House or even the loading yard he will say a phrase; but the coolest part is when Wilson goes up to the Round House and both Wilson and Vee talk to one another. After watching my sister play with this set, I realized that the set actually says different word phrases. This just helps add to the fun of the set. Overall, I believe that learning curve has done an amazing job on really making this set fun and exciting. With the ability to interact with one another the Chuggington interactive railways is truly a revolutionary train set!

Available online at Amazon, Toys R Us

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Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Hands On Review

It’s October 30th, and you know what that means! That’s right it’s the day before Halloween! When it comes to Halloween people are always expecting two things and that is celebrating the ghostly spirits, and of course receiving free candy! The all new Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab will take both the scary factors of Halloween and combine them with the fun of getting candy. The set portrays the candy as disgusting bugs and barf, but overall the candy does not taste bad. The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab comes with the lab itself, six bags of candy and utensils to grab mix and stir your pre-made candy.

With Halloween right around the corner, kids want to prepare for one of the coolest and most fun holidays ever, and what a better way to get your kids into the holiday spirit then the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab. This lab comes with many different stations to make “gross” candy. In my opinion, making the candy was better than actually eating it. The candy itself was not horrible, but I could easily be better. After everything is done, you want to make sure that you clean everything out and put away your station. Overall, the candy was fun to make, but the taste could be better, I have heard from other people that the candy was delicious; I guess some people have a taste for “zombie food!” With Halloween right around the corner, you don’t want to miss out on this “gross” and fun new toy!

-Happy Halloween!

You can purchase the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab at ToysRus, and Target

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Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.


Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS

Spyro is back with his most challenging adventure ever! I preordered Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS for $69.99. I thought the price was high, but this set included the game, Portal of Power, and three action figures. This is probably one of the most complex and interactive games currently on the market. The three included actions figures each have their own web code and when put on the Portal of Power they come to life in your game. An evil tyrant has frozen these heroes and banished them to Earth. By placing them on the Portal of Power they are “awakened” so to speak and can once again defend Skylands, their home. Each character remembers and acquires new abilities and powers during game play and continues to evolve throughout the game as you play.

This genre of game is out of my league and I had difficulty just getting through the early stages of the game. My nine-year-old son (who this is a gift for) will be up to the challenge though. There are over 30 characters to buy separately to add to your Skylander army. The three that came in my pack were Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Ignitor. Using the web, you can go on quests and play cooperatively or against friends and there are player versus player battle arenas. There are quite a few mini games as well, if your child wants lighter and less in depth game play. I personally feel Spyro has really matured in this game and with that being said so must the players.

The recommended age is 10+ plus, but younger and experienced gamers could definitely get a handle on the concepts with a little practice. I like the concept of the interactive figures, but when the starting set is $69.99 and you need to purchase additional characters to have the full experience of what the game has to offer, it can get very costly.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “I’ll leave it up to you!” – Heather Eisenhooth

Available online, check out Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack Tracker


NY Comic Con October 2011 Marvel Universe Collector Figure Photos

You could not make it, we bring it to you!. These Marvel Universe collector figure photos were taken in NY Comic Con in October 2011. Hope you enjoy them! Let us know what you think.


Cool Star Wars Lego War Pictures!

Today I was cleaning up my room because it was snowing outside and I had nothing better to do. I was putting away a bunch of my old toys when I found some of my old Star Wars Lego sets. I decided that because I haven’t posted anything for a while, it would be really cool to show you guys some pictures that I took with the sets. I set up both the clones and droids in a random fight. I wish you guys could see it in person because it looks way cooler but this is better than nothing. I hope you guys enjoy these cool pictures 🙂


NY Comic Con – October 2011 – Star Wars Collector Figure Photos

We bring the NY Comic Con to you if you could not attend. So enjoy and let us know what we can do better for next time.

NY Comic Con October 2011 Star Wars collector figure photos.


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184

Ahoy! It’s time to batten down the hatches and get ready to bring out your inner buccaneer while putting together the latest Pirates of the Caribbean Lego creation, The Black Pearl! Set sail on an incredible journey as you put each piece together, where only you decide the fate of Captain Jack Sparrow and the scurvy dog himself, Davy Jones.

Already flying off the shelves this holiday season, there is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated additions to the Pirates Lego family. This monstrous ship comes with over 800 pieces and six mini figures, including Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, Will Turner, Joshamee Gibbs, Maccus and Bootstrap Bill. The small parts make this a choking hazard for younger children, and it is recommended for kids 9 to 11. It requires no batteries and comes with Lego’s easy to read step by step directions. Ye can own this vessel for about 109.00 at most retailers. Don’t be a yellow-bellied scallywag, get to building this ship and setting sail for the high seas!

Ava liable online, check out LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184 tracker


Target Toy Coupon Book 2011

Target released its Toy Coupon Book for 2011 and prices good to November 23, 2011. Credit to gottadeal.


Twister Mania – Kinect Xbox 360

Twister™ Mania, the outrageously fast-paced physically fun game inspired by the global phenomenon Twister®, is ready to launch this upcoming Tuesday. Download the official launch trailer and get a first look at how Twister™ Mania encourages you to use your body as the game piece in this unique Kinect exclusive title that challenges you to twist yourself in thousands of different ways.

Twister™ Mania combines the colorful, expressive and cooperative gameplay of the original Twister® board game and updates it for the digital generation. This light-hearted game supports up to eight players with deep gameplay across three game modes offering 16 variations and over 1,800 shapes to play! Don’t hold back as you move your body to match your opponent’s silhouette, knock down blocks against the clock and fill in thousands of crazy shapes of all sizes and themes!

Twister™ Mania on Kinect for Xbox 360 will be available on store shelves this Tuesday, November 1st for the suggested retail price of $49.99. For additional information about Twister™ Mania please visit