DaGeDar – Super charged Ball Bearing – Hands On Review

DaGeDar, DaGeDar, DaGeDar! It’s time to release your wild side with these unique ball bearings! But don’t get these ball bearings mixed up with a marbles because they will go crazy! The all new series of toys known as DaGeDar are a type of toy which will open up your kid’s minds with a more creative way to play! DaGeDar comes in all different types, designs and colors. And the best part is that there are over 120 different DaGeDar products to collect. These new toys are great for collecting, and can be used for games such as rolling, knocking over or even racing! But how do you get your DaGeDar collection started? Well, one of the best ways to start off your DaGeDar collection is by purchasing the DaGeDar starter pack collection.

The starter pack really doesn’t have a name (I just call it a starter pack because it is the perfect way to start off your DaGeDar collection). The DaGeDar starter pack is a great way to start off your collection with two unique DaGeDars. Like I mentioned, the set comes with two DaGeDar ball bearings, two ball bearing stands, and two DaGeDar cards. Each DaGeDar ball bearing comes with its own unique printing. These printings are used to tell what type of character your DaGeDar is! But what makes a DaGeDar ball bearing worth it? Well, If you have ever looked at most of the DaGeDar track sets then you know that they unfortunately do not come with a DaGeDar ball bearing. Getting a DaGeDar starter set will give you a chance to have two collectable DaGeDar ball bearings as well as DaGeDars to use for these sets. With so many DaGeDar’s to collect from, the starter set will help you get your DaGeDar collection started!

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