CONTEST OVER: Green Lantern Toys Giveaways

After the release of the new Green lantern movie, toys and books were also released. And some of these products could be yours! The more you vote, the more chances you will win.

Green Lantern Light Up Ring:

The Green Lantern Ring is powered by the energy of will and is sent to different sections of the universe to choose a ring carrier. And to be chosen by the ring one must be without fear. After all the rings have been chosen, the members of the ring formed a group known as the Green Lantern Corps. And now you can be a part of the Green Lantern Corps; with all the abilities of the ring in your finger tips! With the green lantern Light up ring you can zoom around your house as you light up the villains of space! The ring is for kids ages 3+ and lights up when the button is pushed!

Green Lantern Secret Origin Book:

Before the greatest Green Lantern was born, or even before he was chosen to be a Green Lantern Corps member, there was a secret origin. In this book you will discover the secret origin. The Green Lantern Sinestro, investigates Abin’s death. But they find themselves amongst murderous creatures that hold secrets to the guardians of the universe. Green Lantern: Secret origin was a book that you had to read, and critics would also agree. “Any fan of the genre should be reading this book.” – IGN: “Another great addition to the Green Lantern saga.” – ComicsBulletin.

Green Lantern Battle Fist:

This set comes with a Hal Jordan action figure and a transforming battle fist. The battle fist can instantly transform from a jumbo fist to a blaster which actually shoots out a Green Lantern disc and the best part is that the battle fist can attach to the Hal Jordan action figure which will make playing with the set a lot more fun and easy! The set is very detailed, from the Hal Jordan action figure to the Battle Fist. Nothing was left out in making this a unique and fun toy to play with. This set is for kids ages 4 and up.

You will receive the items listed below:

1) Green Lantern Battle Shifters (Toy)
2) Green Lantern Ring (Toy)
3) Green Lantern Secret Origin (Book)

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