Tap into the magic! Much more than a microphone, the Voice Rockrz™ Mic transforms performances, propelling any show from the living room to the stage. The interactive microphone ‘magically’ changes a child’s voice as they perform with just a tap of the included accessories – a ring and bracelet – to the Mic target zone. Kids can sound like stars and elevate their performances to new heights with the Mic’s incredible voice effects. Tap the ring to the Mic to activate the Hi-Note voice effect; tap the bracelet to the Mic to change up the show with the Echo-Tastic voice effect; or tap the ring and bracelet in succession to uncover the Robot-Riffic voice effect. A rock extravaganza wouldn’t be complete without concert sound effects like audience applause or a crescendo-ing drumroll. Kids can cycle through these sounds with the simple press of the FX button on the Voice Rockrz Mic. By plugging in any MP3 player into the 1/8th” jack (MP3 player not included), they can rock on by singing along to their favorite songs using the magical Voice Rockrz voice effects. Available in pink with flower ring and cute skull bracelet and blue with skull ring and zipper bracelet. Requires three “AAA” batteries, included. For more information, please visit www.voicerockrz.com.

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FIRST ACT/Ages 4-10/Approx.
Retail Price $24.99
Available: Fall 2011

Toys R Us Blue Color

Toys R Us Pink Color


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