DaGeDar – High Speed Stunt Jump Track – Hands On Review

Jump, score, and celebrate! DaGeDar has once again created a new track set that will take your DaGeDar ball bearinbgs to new heights! The new DaGeDar High Speed Stunt Jump Track will take your DaGeDars and not just send them racing down the tracks, but they will also send them into the air! The Stunt Jump Track is a long and slim track that can easily be assembled and transported. This set comes with an instruction manual and your track pieces (includes the score funnel). After looking over the set I would have to say that overall this would have to be my favorite DaGeDar track set. At first you would think that only one person could use this track set for playing, but like any other DaGeDar set, these sets were made so that your kids could be creative and make their own games! Now your kids can bring over their friends to see who can get more DaGeDars into the score funnel!

At first the High Speed Stunt Jump Track looks a lot smaller that the two lane raceway or any other set, but in reality I believe that this set gives the most options for creativity. But why would I say that? That’s because this set can create games such as getting DaGeDars into the scoring funnel or who has the better shot, and even if you wanted to you could add obstacles underneath the set so that it forces your DaGeDars to jump farther! Overall, this set comes with multiple opportunities, such as creating fun hoop games, or just to see who has the more accurate throw! All in all this track set is fun to play with and is great for any DaGeDar fans! So get your DaGeDar ball bearings ready because DaGeDar is no longer going to keep their toys on the ground, but now they are going to send them into the air!

Available online, check out DaGeDar – High Speed Stunt Jump Track tracker

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