My Keepon Dancing Robot

My Keepon dancing robot does just that and more! It has an uncanny sense of rhythm and adorable dance moves that will keep you and anyone else hooked. It dances to all types of songs, from pop music, ballads, and much more. With just the press of a button, placed right on the stand it comes with, you can let My Keepon Dancing Robot loose! This interactive toy, moves along with the nbso online casino music, or to your own made up beats. It comes with a microphone in it’s nose that allows it to comprehend the music being played. Then pays careful attention to the music and matches the beat with it’s adorable pro dance moves!

My Keepon Dancing Robot stands two tennis balls high, and not only dances but has another button for touch and interaction. Squeeze it’s soft belly, or pat it’s head and it will interact and respond to you. It reacts to your touch by displaying different emotions, and expressing it’s many cute different sounds, you’ll have fun figuring out whether it’s curious, annoyed, content and more! My Keepon Dancing Robot craves your attention and touch, and loves to interact.

List Price: $49.99

Available online, check out My Keepon Dancing Robot tracker


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