DaGeDar – Rapid Fire Launcher – Hands On Review

Launch into action! The new DaGeDar toys have continued to exceed my expectations with new products that can really make playing with DaGeDar really fun! The new Rapid Fire Power Launcher is full of surprises! And trust me these surprises are sure to bring back the feeling of marbles but in DaGeDar form! The new Rapid Fire Power Launcher comes with two DaGeDar ball Bearings and a power launcher. With a power launcher and two DaGeDars, you can help get your DaGeDar colletion started, and you can also have a power launcher to add to your collection! But remember DaGeDar isn’t all about collecting a buch of toys. DaGeDar products are also meant to help create a fun and exciting environment, where kids are encouraged to use their minds to create games that are fun for them and their friends! With the power launcher, so many new possibilities are created for making an exciting new game! For instance you can have two power launchers go head to head trying to knock other DaGeDar pieces out or an arena or who has the faster DaGeDar!

The new Rapid Fire Power Launcher opens so many new possibilities for making DaGeDar more than just a collectable toy. Over these past few weeks I have had a pretty good experience with the new DaGeDar products. But one that really stuck out to me was the launcher. The launcher for me gave so many opportunities to create fun games, and with more launchers you can battle your friends in a head to head battle to see who the better DaGeDar launcher is! But what really shocked me was that this laucher has a safety trigger system. The Trigger system makes it so that you can only lauch your DaGeDars on the floor. The Safety system is a great way to make it safe and fun to play with! So grab your laucher and jump into the action with the new Rapid Fire Power Launcher!

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