The Justin Bieber Onstage Doll Set

Do you have Beiber Fever? Common symptoms include constant thoughts of Justin Bieber, constant listening to Bieber music, and uncontrollable screaming of excitement when thinking of or listening to Justin Bieber. If the answer is yes to any of the above, the Justin Beiber Onstage Doll Set is the best medicine anyone can offer.

This set includes the Bieber himself completely dressed and ready for the next concert with his guitar, keyboard, drums, microphone stand, and a heart shaped seat for the love guru himself. This set is absolutely compatible with the Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage Set to make the experience more complete. With this set, your Bieber fan of 6 and up can put on a show anytime and anywhere.

At $32.99, the Justin Bieber Onstage Doll Set includes:

• Justin Bieber Doll
• Drums
• Keyboard
• Guitar
• Microphone stand
• Heart shaped seat

Available online at Toys R Us

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