ClickN KIDS – Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics

ClickN KIDS program teaches children the basics of reading and spelling in an environment that is fun, interactive, and entirely online! The programs also act as excellent tools for special needs students and those learning English as a second language.

(Ages 5-9 years/Approx. Retail Price: starting at $9.95 per month/Available: Now)

With 100 interactive lessons geared toward children in kindergarten to third grade, Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics is built using the same strong educational structure as ClickN READ Phonics with the addition of the Looney Tunes gang! Whether in school or at home, these 15- to 30-minute animated lessons consisting of six to 14 activities help kids enhance their reading skills with the help of their favorite Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Taz, Daffy Duck and more. Children also meet Professor Wizbot, a new character and personal cheerleader who guides them through each lesson. Children can complete each engaging lesson without the assistance of an adult, while parents and teachers can still oversee users’ progress through the program’s extensive reporting. Comprehensive assessment reports specific to each lesson display its keys elements and the student’s correct and incorrect answers, while a cumulative report tracks a student’s progress over time. As a web-exclusive product, parents and educators can forget about frustrating software downloads and simply log on to the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics site to begin an entertaining learning session. For more information on Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics and its subscription options, visit or

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