Fijit Friends

Watch them dance! Watch them interacting with your kids! They are the Fijit Friends!

Fijit Friends are fun and lovable robots that love to make friends. There are four Fijit Friends and each of them have their own personalities. There’s Willa who’s a purple Fijit Friend and she’s the trend-setter, then there’s Sage who’s is green and loves to go on adventures. Following them is Serafina! Serafina is pink and she’s the sweetie-pie, and last but not least is Logan and she’s blue and sporty!

Theses robots can do so much! From talking to dancing to any music! From a slow beat all the way to a fast beat. The Fijit Friends love to talk. The more your kids interact with them the more they interact and say back to you! Ask them how you look and the Fijit Friends will look at you and tell you that you look great! They say sweet, and fun positive things, boosting any one’s self esteem and can even help your child to learn how to make new friends. The Fijit Friends can tell jokes and even sing!

Price: $49.99

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