Monopoly Live

Monopoly has been revolutionized, from an old time classic to a new modern board game. The electronic tower and boardwalk works hand in hand to ensure fun game play. The board game comes with many cool, easy to use features. An electronic computer scans the board game and keeps track of the money for you, no more hassling about handing out money or clean up. It also automatically rolls a die for you, using the simple motions from your hands, by either cupping or waving them the computer helps you to make your move.

You move your own pieces, but it also keeps track of online casino the spaces you move. And it shakes things up by throwing random events at you. Things like horse races, and random auctions and stock rallies keep the game exciting! Another cool extra, it makes sure that no one can cheat, keeping the game fun and clean. Monopoly a young childhood favorite is now growing up, and is due to come out this fall. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming game!

Price: $49.99

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