Uncle Milton Ladybug Playground Hands on Review

Uncle Milton has created a fun way for you to watch and take care of your very own ladybug or any other small bug! The Ladybug Playground is fun to play with, and fun to use. Your bugs can play around in the playground and it only cost $7. There is a nicely sized dome that is the size of your palm and is easy to bring to the park, a garden, or any other places! When you find the perfect ladybug or any other small critter, you can put them into the dome and watch as they run around and crawl on objects in the dome. The dome has air holes so your bugs can breathe, so no need to worry about continuously opening the dome.

The Ladybug Playground also has a clip on cover so you bugs won’t fly away or crawl away when you place them inside the playground. The dome has very cute details from the top to the bottom, things like the seat that looks like vines and leaves, in the shape of either a slide or monkey bars. All this detail makes it a lot more fun to watch as your bugs crawl, fly, and squirm their way around the playground! This dome is a cute and fun way to watch and take care of your bugs. Just make sure you feed them if you are going to keep them a little longer in the dome.

This toy is great for all bug lovers, have fun and make a new friend along the way!

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