The Trash Pack: Squish Them, Stretch Them and Collect Them


The Trash Pack™, a Line of Icky Collectibles Filled with Faux Fungus, Filth and Fun, Launching in the U.S. Exclusively at Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us Stores and Online this Fall

NEW YORK (Fall 2011) – Meet the gross gang from the garbage! Moose Toys introduces The Trash Pack™, a new toy line of icky characters named after all the delights one might find in their trash can. Available exclusively in the U.S. at Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us stores nationwide and online at starting in September, these miniature, collectible figures and playsets range in price from $5.99 to $19.99 (MSRP), and are disgusting additions sure to top kids’ wish lists this holiday season. Customers eager to start collecting can place pre-orders now at

With more than 100 Trash Pack characters – aka Trashies™ – to choose from, kids can collect and swap a host of Bin Monsters, Bin-Sects, Hard Rubbish, Grubz, Bin Critters and Bin-Fections with names like Putrid Pizza, Garbage Gull, Germ-Worm, and Mucky Maggot. Each Trashie figure comes in three different colors and is awarded a special status – common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive – depending on its collectability and how easy it is to find. There are even glow-in-the-dark Trashies, who stand out among their less desirable trash-mates in dark and dingy bins. Children can play games with their Trashies like ‘Take out the Trash,’ ‘Stack the Trash,’ and more.

“Kids love to share and swap collectible toys with their friends, and we knew as soon as we saw The Trash Pack assortment that this gross gang would capture kids’ imaginations,” said Richard Barry, Vice President, General Merchandise Manager, Toys“R”Us, U.S. “We’re thrilled to be the only retailer in the U.S. to offer this exciting, new line to our customers, just in time for the holiday season.”

What makes The Trash Pack even more appealing is the Limited Edition Trashies – King Rat, Trash Cat and Soggy Tomato. A limited amount of these grimy guys can only be found in a selection of packs worldwide!

Suitable for kids ages five and up, the Trash Pack line of toys includes:

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
Kids can start their Trash Pack gang with The Trash Pack Two Pack, which contains one large can, two Trash Pack characters, and one collector’s guide for easy reference of all the Trashies™.

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
Growing the Trash Pack gang is easy with The Trash Pack Five Pack Collection, which comes with five small cans, five characters and a collector’s guide, so kids can search for which Trashies™ they want to add to their collections next. Limited edition Trashies including King Rat, Trash Cat or Soggy Tomato might live in this Pack, too. These limited edition characters will only be released once, so kids have to hurry to find them!

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
Two special edition Trashies™ come with The Trash Pack 12 Pack Collection, which helps build a trash collector’s Trash Pack gang! The Trash Pack 12 Pack contains five small cans, one extra-large glowing can, and twelve characters including two glow-in-the-dark Trashies. A collector’s guide and a games booklet featuring games like ‘Take Out the Trash’ and ‘Stack the Trash’ are also included. Kids should be on the lookout for Limited Edition Trashies in this Pack – King Rat, Trash Cat and Soggy Tomato – which will only be released once!

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
Kids can collect, store and take their Trashies™ with them with The Trash Pack Collector’s Case. Containing one Collector Case and two exclusive Trashies (Wasted Banana and Squashed Wheel), the Collector’s Case fits up to 60 trash-tastic characters and is easy to take from one trash pick-up – or play date – to the next.

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
A real can for a Trash Pack fan! The Trash Pack Collector’s Trash Can is the perfect place for kids to store their Trashies™ and small cans. Containing one trash-can shaped collector tin and two small cans, this Trash Pack set is an ideal gift for trash collectors. Kids will also discover two exclusive Trashies (Spew-Shi and Skummy Skull) in the Trash Can, which holds up to 18 characters and small cans.

(MOOSE/Ages 5 years & up/Available: September 2011)
Pack in the trash and roll out the rubbish! Kids will have seriously gross fun taking out the trash with The Trash Pack Garbage Truck. Containing one garbage truck vehicle, two exclusive Trashies™ (Sludge Can and Dead Tire) and two small cans, the Garbage Truck lets kids store, dump and display their Trashies. Kids can launch their Trashies at trashy targets from the Wheelie Bin, open the garbage doors to find storage space for up to 12 trash cans, or place their Trashies on display to show off their gang.

About The Trash Pack™
A garbage-themed range of toys for kids, The Trash Pack™ is created by Moose Toys, the Australian toy company known for designing, developing and distributing toy and lifestyle products across the globe for children. For more information about Trash Pack visit

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