The Trash Pack: Squish Them, Stretch Them and Collect Them Hands on Review

These grimy little pals will be your child’s hot new toy, with the many different sets, and collectibles it will never get old. A garbage themed toy for boys ages 5 and up, these toys are squishy, stretchy friends that you can find in your garbage. The Putrid Pizza, Garbage Gull, Germ-Worm, and Mucky Maggot, are only the beginning, and just some of them! Funs to collect and trade with friends, these trash pack buddies, or “Trashies” have different collectible statues. Awarded these titles by how hard they are to find, some are common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive, with over 100’s to find and collect, even the search can be part of the fun.

There are different grubby items like the TRASH PACK™ TWO PACK, the TRASH PACK™ nbso FIVE PACK COLLECTION, the TRASH PACK™ 12 PACK COLLECTION, the TRASH PACK™ COLLECTOR’S CASE, the TRASH PACK™ COLLECTOR’S TRASH CAN, and the TRASH PACK™ GARBAGE TRUCK. Each item comes with their own perks, and surprises, like the TRASH PACK™ 12 PACK COLLECTION, which comes with 2 special edition “Trashies”, a glow in the dark trash buddy and even more! Each “Trashie” comes in their own little green garbage can, which easily pops open to reveal the surprise inside. When you’ve collected enough, the TRASH PACK™ COLLECTOR’S TRASH CAN, or the TRASH PACK™ COLLECTOR’S CASE is the perfect place to keep them organized!

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