Spin Master Stratego – Hands On Review

Stratego is back! The battlefield strategy game has returned with a whole new way to battle your friends in the ultimate duel to see who the true Stratego master is! For over 50 years, Stratego has been a strategy based game where you and your friends used civil war like men to battle. But now Stratego has created a new game that uses all the same and fun rules of Stratego and puts it into a new board game. The new Stratego game will use all the same rules of the older Stratego game, but this time the pieces will be changed from civil war like men into futuristic war machines. All of the fun and exciting game play of the old Stratego game will be preserved in this new Stratego game, but instead of using the old Stratego pieces, the new Stratego game will feature the all new future war machines!

The new Stratego game comes with 60 stickers, 60 stand pieces, one instruction manual, and one Stratego board. If anyone has ever played Stratego, then they know that overall the game is not too hard to play. The main objective of the game is to capture the enemy’s flag. Once the flag is captured, your opponent must surrender their army and they lose the game. But to make the game even harder, Stratego has specialized pieces which have certain abilities to make it harder for you and your opponent. And other pieces like bombs can be placed in a certain position to defend the flag from invaders. The new Stratego game is fun, exciting, and perfect for any Stratego fan! For $24.99 you can purchase this classic battlefield strategy game.

Stratego Details:
– Retail Price: $24.99
– For kids ages 8 – 12
– Small parts are included. Not for kids under the age of 3

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