Conquer The Kairu and Become a Redakai

Conquer The Kairu and Become a Redakai

The follow-up to the massive entertainment and toy property Bakugan, Redakai is a ground-breaking innovation in gaming, taking trading cards to the next level with amazing Blast3D™ technology. Never before have trading cards contained 3D and animation effects like Redakai. New game technologies automatically track your progress and allow you to see the damaging effects of your attacks. Challenge your friends, defeat your enemies, and Conquer the Kairu!

Coming to Cartoon Network in 2011, Ky, Boomer, and Maya are three teens on a quest to gather mystical Kairu energy from across the globe. The fate of the world rests on their mission to collect the energy, harness its power and defeat the evil forces of Lokar. The incredible Kairu energy gives them immense powers and the ability to transform into the galaxy’s most powerful warriors!

Age: 6+

New for Fall 2011!

Redakai Power Pack
11 X-Drive cards with amazing Blast3D™ technology. Each pack comes with Character, Monster, and Attack cards to ensure that you can play right out of the pack. The easiest way to expand your collection and discover new powers.

Suggested Retail Price: $5.99

Redakai Starter Pack
Get in the game with the Starter Pack! With 2 Power Packs and a portable battlefield designed to look just like the X-Reader seen in the show. Take your X-Drives into battle.

Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Redakai Structure Deck
Play like a champion with a tournament-ready deck of cards specially selected to improve your gameplay strategy right out of the box. Each of the 4 Structured Decks comes with an exclusive monster card.

43 X-Drive cards
Suggested Retail Price: $17.99

Redakai Championship Tin
The ultimate Redakai experience. A tournament-ready deck of cards, including an exclusive version of our hero, Ky, is just the start. Tin includes all of the accessories you need to hide your cards from your opponent until you are ready to unleash your attack.

43 X-Drive Cards
3 Character Bays
1 Card Screen with Kairu Counter
1 Draw Deck

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99

Kairu Tin
Coming in October, the Kairu Tin is a great way to power-up your collection. With three Power Packs and a special assortment of rare cards, all packed out in a collectible tin.

2 Redakai Power Packs (22 X-Drive Cards)
2 Rare X-Drive Cards
1 Super Rare X-Drive

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

Redakai Action Figures
Unlock even more exciting features within the X-Drive Cards with the Redakai Action Figure line. Each of the 6 figures comes with an exclusive X-Drive card and fun accessories. Metanoid and Bruticon Figures can face-off for battle when you insert your Attack cards and see them project an image of the attack.

1 Redakai Action Figure
1 Exclusive X-Drive card

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Redakai Deluxe Figure
The ultimate Redakai experience combines action figures and cards like never before! The Gold Metanoid and Bruticon figures can unlock unique animations hidden in every Attack X-Drive. Insert your card into the figure and see the attack come to life.

1 Deluxe Action Figure
1 Exclusive X-Drive
2 Rare X-Drives

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

Microglyph Animation Unit
See your X-Drives come to life with a large display area. Animation unit animates the microglyphs on your X-Drives, it also lights your Character and Monster cards to show off their amazing 3D. Comes with an exclusive X-Drive.

Microglyph Animation Unit
1 Exclusive X-Drive card

Suggested Retail Price: $22.99

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