Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution – Hands On Review

Have you ever seen an ant farm before? Well I am pretty sure that you have never seen an ant farm like this! Ant farms are usually your typical box filled with sand. From there you can dump in your ants and watch as they dig holes through the sand. Overall, the original ant farm is pretty fun to watch. But is it really that fun to watch over and over again? First of all, when you put your ants into the sand you can watch as they dig holes and make their lives in this new environment. The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will take that exact same concept of the ants building their own home, but this time the Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will actually make it fun to watch from all angles, including your ceiling! With the help of a magnifying cap, and a light, the Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will be able to project giant ant shadows onto the ceiling!

The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution comes with the Ant Farm filled with nutrient rich gel, a starting tunnel utensil, and an instruction manual. The ant farm does not come with any ants. The ants will have to be ordered separately online at Uncle Milton Ants. This revolutionary new ant farm can put shadow projections on the wall and can also rotate 360 degrees. Now you can see your ants in a whole new way and because the ants are put in a nutrient rich gel, you will never have to feed or maintain your ants. All you have to do is carefully place your ants into the ant farm and watch as they make 3D tunnels and rooms in the translucent gel! Because this ant farm is so fun and easy to maintain it is perfect for kids who have an interest in bugs, but are still too young to take care of them. The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will get your kids off the electronics and onto a more educational way to play. This toy will not only allow your kids to watch ants dig holes but it will also allow your kids to experience the ants living style in 3D and on the wall! And because of the ant farm requires no additional work, you can watch and enjoy your ants without ever feeding or caring for your ants!

List Price: $34.99
*Be careful when putting ants into Habitat, Make sure to read the instruction*

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