K’NEX Xtreme Ops Mission: Desert Strike

Are you a K’NEX fan? If so, then you are going to want to take a look at the K’NEX Xtreme Ops Mission: Desert Strike. This set comes with 92 pieces and is for kids ages 5 and up. The K’NEX Xtreme Ops Mission: Desert Strike set also comes with two special op figures that will help you on your journey across the merciless desert. But will you help these young soldiers journey across the desert or will they find themselves lost on their mission? You decide in this crazy new K’NEX set.

K’NEX has come out with another great set. This set is great for those little K’NEX fans that can’t get enough of these buildable pieces. Now at first, you may look at the K’NEX set and you could say that this set doesn’t really look as if it has anything unique to it. But if you ignore the externals and move towards the internals, you will notice that the set actually comes with working suspension! So anytime you play with this set, it will not damage your K’NEX toy when you run over a rock or an obstacle course. Overall, the set isn’t so bad. It’s great for kids and the set comes with so many playable features, such as the missiles, the suspension, and the 2 awesome K’NEX men. With a great playability and a unique twist to the toy, the K’NEX Collect & Build Xtreme Ops Mission: Desert Strike is a set worth taking a look at!

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