UNO Roboto Game

Family night has never been so much fun. The classic game of UNO now has a bigger twist than ever. This cute robot will keep you and your family at the game all night. Start the game session by recording your names and your “House Rule.” Throughout the competitive game, this robot will call on you and your family throughout the game to do surprising tasks and hilarious phrases.

Not all games can easily please all family members or all of your friends, but this new UNO roboto will save the trouble of shuffling through your game closet. With a 108-card deck, your game can be a simple two player game or a huge competition between ten players. The surprising tasks and funny phrases will spice up the game and keep it interesting, while keeping the classic goal of the game the same—getting rid of all your cards before someone shouts UNO! Card games are the basic forms of game night, but with this UNO Roboto, the game will never get old.

At $29.99 the UNO Roboto Game includes:

• UNO Roboto
• 3 AA Alkaline Batteries
• 108 UNO Card-deck

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