Quelf the Board Game Hands on Review

Quelf? What is Quelf? Quelf is the one of a kind, hysterically funny, unpredictably random board game for 3- 8 players! This game comes with eight funky players, like Super Ninja Monkey, The Dude, Mrs. Pickle Feather and more! The game also includes stands for the figures, the Quelf game board, a timer, and a dice.

So how do you play this Quelf game??? The great thing about the game is that it’s completely easy to play, and understand. The game provides you with five different decks of cards, in all different colors. Each of these different colored decks is a different category. For example the purple deck deals with showbiz tasks, while the blue deck deals with nbso online casino reviews the Roolz. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the card, or else you could be penalized, its pretty simple right?

Just make sure to keep track of what you need to do, or else another player could catch your slip up and you could also be penalized! I can promise you that this game, with its many quirky, whacky and random directions will get you laughing and keep you laughing all the way through! You’ll never want to stop playing!

This game will be a blast for anyone willing to play that is 12 and over! For $24.95 you can begin the game!

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