Mega Blocks Battle Strikers

With the release of the Battle strikers in 2009, it had people amazed at how the world of battling tops had evolved. Battling tops have existed for over 2000 years. But for the first time ever battling tops are going to take a gigantic leap forward. Battling tops are no longer spin, and hope that you knock down your opponent. Now you can actually control your own top! With the power of magnets, you can guide your top to crush your opponent. And with customizable gear, you can make your Battle Striker as powerful as you want!

Battle Strikers have really changed the way people look at battling tops. But now Battle strikers have released a new line of tops that are faster, stronger, and look a lot cooler. These new Strikers include the Hyper-Strike Tournament Set, Asleon.XS, IceBlade, Black Widow.FX, and so much more! These new strikers have really changed the way people play with battling tops. They not only allow you to have a spinning duel, they also allow you to control your spinner. With the ability to control your spinner’s actions, battling tops are no longer “luck of the spin.” Battle Strikers have not only created a new and revolutionary spinner but they have also created a fun and strategic game that will change the world of battling tops forever!

Retail Price:
Hyper-Strike Tournament Set – $24.99
Asleon.XS, Valkyria.XS, Pyrotaur.XS – $15.99
Rexer, IceBlade, Kaos – $9.99
Black Widow.FXS, abretooth.FX – $6.99
Megalodon.XS, X-Calibur.XS, Odinskull.XS – $5.99

Check out Mega Blocks for all of the new Battle Strikers!

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