Nintendo Luigi and Standard Kart and Bike Building Sets by K'nex

Nintendo Luigi and Standard Kart Building Set

If you liked Lugi’s Bike building set you will also like his Standard Kart building set! This 65 piece set is a fun addition to any kid’s toy closet! A fun gift for children 6 and up, it includes a buildable Luigi figure, a star item and K”NEX pieces. Your child can enjoy building Lugi’s Kart then have fun racing it with their friends! Lugi’s Kart looks exactly like the one from the Mario Kart Wii game, and even contains a pull back motor your kids casino online will definitely enjoy racing with!

Price: $16.99

Where to buy Amazon, Walmart

Nintendo Lugi and Standard Bike Building Set

Play with Lugi and his new bike! This fun new set consists of 31 peices which your child can build themselves. This makes a great gift for any Lugi lovers six and up! This set comes with many fun and easy to use pieces like a Luigi figure, K”NEX rods, connectors and bricks! All to use to help build Lugi’s bike! After your done building you can even use the box as a ramp and add to your made up race track! This set looks like it just came out of the game, collect them all and you can enjoy racing with your friends in real life!

Price: $9.99

Where to buy Amazon, Walmart

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