Kerfuffle Hands on Review

Kerfuffle is an entertaining and hilarious strategy game for 2-4 players! With over 100 dice, and much more fun accessories, it’s inevitable that you, your family and friends will have a blast! This game comes with 25 red, white, green, and blue dice pieces and a large green die for your use, and the fun Kerfuffle board.

The game is easy, all you have to do try to order your dice on the game board, depending on what’s already there. Make pairs, triples, quadruplets and so on, or even make straights with the dice you have by lining up the dice with the same value side together! The player who gets rid of all of their dice first is the winner! Sounds easy right? But there’s a catch! Do all this while following the directions of the rule cards! Silly and random things like, you casino have to stick your tongue out, or whistling while placing your die, and much more make this game a unique and fun game to play. With as many as 60 different rule cards, this game never gets old!

This game will keep you, your family, and friends laughing all night long!

Price: $24.99
Age: 8

What”s in the box?:

  • 25 Blue Dice
  • 25 Red Dice
  • 25 Green Dice
  • 25 White Dice
  • 1 Big Die
  • 60 Activity Cards
  • Kerfuffle Game Grid

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