New Nerf Vortex Disc Blasters

In 2010, Nerf created a line of new blasters that toppled all other Nerf guns. These guns included the Stampede ECS, the longstrike CS-6, the Alpha Trooper CS-18, and so much more! But now in the summer of 2011, Nerf is prepared to change the way we know Nerf, FOREVER! Nerf has already announced that on September 1, 2011 a new line of guns called the Nerf Vortex Blasters will have an all new style, but not only will the style be changed but the darts as well will also be changed into discs! These new Disc will follow the color scheme of the Nerf blasters (green) and will use a new type of technology that will make the disc fly farther. In this new line up of toys, there will be four new blasters that are sure to change the History of Nerf as we know it! Here they are…

Nerf Vortex Nitron:

This is Nerf’s largest Vortex Blaster. At 5.8 x 26.5 x 12 inches long and weighing 5.8 pounds, this Nerf blaster is the ultimate vortex blaster! But Nerf didn’t stop there. Nerf also added a light up scope which lights up your sight, making it easier to spot your target; and like usual the scope can be put on the Vortex Blaster. And because this is a large blaster, a rapid fire mechanism was put into the gun. This will allow more darts to be shot out of the blaster; and because the gun comes with a 20 round magazine you can blast your enemies without worrying about reloading your gun. Because of the Nitron’s size, fire power, and laser sight, the new Nerf Vortex Nitron is a force to be reckoned with!

For kids ages 8 and up
Retail Price: $39.99

The Nerf Vortex Nitron can be found at Amazon

Nerf Vortex Praxis:

At 3.6 x 18.6 x 11.3 inches long, this blaster is simple and easy to use. With different features and abilities, this blaster is the perfect gun to bring into a Nerf fight. And like the Nerf Nitron this gun uses the new Nerf discs and comes with a magazine, but this magazine is smaller and easier to carry around. And because this gun comes with a removable stock and a rail system, this will allow you to customize your gun by attaching scopes, lasers optics, and even flashlights. Because of this guns ability in the battlefield, and the ability to customize this gun with laser optics, sights and scopes, the Nerf Vortex Praxis will change the Nerf battlefield forever!

For kids ages 8 and up
Retail Price: $24.99

The Nerf Vortex Praxis can be found at Amazon

Nerf Vortex Proton:

Throughout the Nerf Vortex series there are two different types of assault rifles, but what about the Nerf pistols? Well the Nerf Vortex Proton may look like a Pistol; but it has the punching power of an assault rifle. This pistol offers a long range shoots and high powered disc blasting technology. Because of its small and compact design, it can easily be stored in a Nerf fight, as well as a compact design the Proton also has a fast reloading system which will allow you to waste less time reloading and more time blasting your opponents. With the size of a pistol and the punch of rifle, the Nerf Vortex Proton is the perfect Pistol for a Nerf fight!

For kids ages 8 and up
Retail Price: $9.99

The Nerf Vortex Proton can be found at Amazon

Nerf Vortex Vigilon:

Last but not least, the Nerf Vortex Vigilon. This small and compact pistol can hold up to five discs and comes with a fast reloading system so that you can stay in the action and look towards the path to victory! Although this may be a small pistol, do not underestimate its abilities. This pistol also uses the high powered disc and offers long range. So if you find yourself stuck between a “rock and a hard place” within a Nerf battle you can always count the Vigilon to get you out. So never judge a book by its cover or a gun by its size!

For kids ages 8 and up
Retail Price: $15.99

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon can be found at Amazon

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