LEGO Ctiy Police Chase 3648

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Here comes a red sport car that’s speeding down the Lego highway. The car was caught by the Lego traffic camera. Send the Lego police car and the police motorcycle to stop the speeding car! This set is called the Lego City Police Chase! It comes with 173 pieces.

In those pieces you can build one police car, one police motorcycle, one red sport car, three mini figures (two police officers and a driver), a traffic light, a traffic camera, speed limit sign. After building, you can always play with the set. It’s fun to pretend when you have Lego around you. There’s so many other Lego police set to collect and play with, to make your imagination bigger. This set is $24.99 and is great for kids ages 5-12.

Where to buy it Walmart, Amazon

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