Nascar 18 M&M’s Car Building Set by KNEX

And on your mark, ready, get set, GO! K’NEX created a 1:29 replica of the #18 M&M Race Car with the same paint design and sponsor logos! NASCAR is a racecar’s dream. With this car, the excitement and suspense on race day will be revisited with many happy memories. Fans can build, customize and race the car to victory—with the same tense expectations during actual race day.

With K’NEX’s 20 years of experience and credibility as America’s Building Toy Company manufacturing eco-friendly and American made products, this replica is the best car to buy. Included in the box, there are 110 parts to build the car, a Kyle Busch K’NEX man figure complete with a helmet for racing a ball cap for interviews, labels to customize your car, and easy step-by-step instructions. Any fan ages 5 and up will enjoy this car to the fullest, reliving the moments of Race Day!

At $14.97, the Nascar Nascar 18 M&M’s Car Building Set includes:

• 110 building parts
• A Kyle Busch K’NEX man figure with racing helmet and interview ball cap
• Labels
• Easy to follow instructions

Where to buy Walmart, Amazon

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