Bakugan Dragonoid Destroyer – Hands On Review

When Bakugan first hit the market, people went crazy. Even I went crazy, wanting to buy as many of these pop up toys as I could before they sold out the next day. These toys showed great potential to be amazing. Because they popped up when they hit their gate cards, they not only made exciting toys for kids but they were different from every other toy. Because Bakugan were so, fun and unique people couldn’t get enough. And now Bakugan continues to impress me and their fans with new Bakugan products. Bakugan has come up with a new toy called Dragonoid Destroyer. This set comes with one Bakugan BakuBlitz, one Bakugan Sky Raider, and one Bakugan Commandix Dragonoid.

If you have ever looked at Bakugan toys, then you know that their unique style comes from their ability to pop up. And because Bakugan is a strategy based game, it not only adds exciting toys to the action but it also creates a game that has people addicted! Throughout the Bakugan universe, new Bakugan are created each day. This leads to new toys that have really changed the Bakugan brawls. The new Baku Skyraiders are all about aerial attacks; these new Bakugan attack from the sky, stunning your opponent. Once you roll up your Baku Skyraider and throw it onto your gate card it jumps up! Besides the Baku Skyraider, you also get a Commandix Dragonoid. Within the Bakugan series, Drago has always been the strongest Bakugan to ever exist. And even in this set, the Commandix Dragonoid comes prepared to battle with 950G’s. 50G’s away from being 1000G’s, this Bakugan will be able to get you out of tight bakugan situations with ease! Finally you have your Bakugan Dragonoid Destroyer. Along with the Baku Skyraider, the Dragonoid Destroyer follows the new 2011 line up of Bakugan. This Dragonoid Destroyer comes equipped with two blasters on its arm and a spinning body! Once you fold up your Dragonoid Destroyer, you can place your Baku Skyraider along the side of the Dragonoid Destroyer and place the Commandix Dragonoid into the center of the Dragonoid Destroyer. Once the bakugan is placed, the Dragonoid Destroyer will pop open and begin to spin in circles! With an ultimate combination like this, you will never have to think about losing another Bakugan brawl!

Price: $39.99
Avail: Fall 2011

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