Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

The creators of the popular app, Angry Birds, now present Angry Birds Knock Wood Game. This game has the same excitement and competitive instincts from the app. The green pigs are at it again; they are stealing the Birds’ eggs. To get revenge, these wingless birds need your help to go destroy their enemies’—the green pigs—homes.

Build, launch, and destroy is the common saying of the game. Players will draw a card which will display a structure. Using the pieces, build the structure, and then shoot an angry bird from the slingshot-style launcher at the built structure and pigs down to win points—just like in the game. Anyone 5 years and up can help these Angry Birds get revenge while having a blast.

For $19.99, this toy includes:

• 3 Angry Birds
• 4 Green Pigs
• One slingshot-style launcher
• Structure pieces
• Mission Cards
• Instructions

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