Wii Disney Cars 2 Racing Wheel Set

Is your child ready to experience what it’s like to ride Lightning McQueen or even Finn McMissile from the new Disney Pixar’s move Cars 2? Now, Nintendo Wii has created a Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile Racing Wii remote wheels to recreate that same thrilling experience within your own living room. You child can clutch the wheel and ride to victory.

The steering wheels have authentic perforated grips to give your child absolute control over the wheel without and “car accidents” in the house. The artwork portrayed on this wheel is creatively done and follows the design in the movie, allowing your child to race the finish line and win at top speed. To make the Wii remote match the rest of the wheel, there are bonus Wii Remote Labels that can be easily put on and taken off the remote without any damage—never compromising any child’s (8 and up) sense of style as they ride to victory.

At $25.00, the Wii Disney Cars 2 (2011) Racing Wheel Set (Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile) with Remote Labels includes:

• 2 wheels: 1 Lightning McQueen and 1 Finn McMissile
• Intricate, official artwork from Cars 2
• Bonus Wii Remote labels
• Perforated grips on both wheels

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