VTech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet

VTech now introduces the VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet. This new learning device will take your child’s educational experience to a whole new level by using modern technology. This table includes interactive reading, learning games, creative activities, and other tools in a simple, durable, and enjoyable toy.

The interactive E-books will captivate your child’s mind into new worlds created by these stories. Within the E-books, the VTech offers narration, character voices, graphics, sounds, and music. This will develop and improve your child’s reading comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics through animated characters. As the story is read, the E-book highlights the words as your child reads and offers proper pronunciation when the word is touched on the screen. Incorporating fun and educational has always been a difficult job to complete but with the games, activities, and tools that are programmed into the InnoTab, your child will never be bored, while continuing to learn. This wide variety of games and activities will give your child the opportunity to listen to music, watch a video while the art-studio app gives them a chance to draw and color with their fingers or stylus. After coloring, your child can bring these pictures to life by tilting the tablet from side to side. With this tablet, your child can also learn the importance of keeping a balanced calendar, maintaining contact with their family and friends in their address book, and practicing math with the help of the handy-dandy calculator.

To customize the VTech to the programs what you want, simply connect to a Mac or PC with the provided USB cable and download games, e-books, apps, and other activities from the VTech Learning Lodge. Parents can also keep track of important education lessons and milestones online. Another option for the InnoTab includes software cartridges that will connect to the InnoTab. These tabs will also create fun and educational activities with their favorite characters: Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, and the Toy Story gang. Any child from 4-9 will enjoy this tablet, while improving their overall education.

At $79.99, the VTech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tabley (in Pink or Blue) includes:

• E-books
• Educational games
• Creative activities
• Learning apps
• 4 different media players: e-book, MP3 music player, photo view, and video player
• USB cable
• Instruction Manuel
• 5’’ color touch screen with tilt sensor for educational game play
• 64 MG onboard memory and SD card slot for more memory

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