New Teacup Piggies Winter Wonderland and Winter Wonderland Ice Skating Rink

Last year, Teacup Piggies were one of the hot and hard to find toys for many parents. Now Toy Teck is coming out with new Teacup Piggies for this holiday season in a new winter wonderland.

Whether taking a ride on their Piggy Snowmobile or twirling away on the Champions Ice Skating Rink Playset, these piggies know how to have fun in the snow with style. New winter themed piggy fashions and accessories are sure to turn heads at this fall’s Teacup Fashion show.

Teacup Piggies Champions Ice Skating Rink Play set: $29.99

Teacup Piggies Winter Wonderland Snowmobile: $19.99

Teacup Piggies Basic set: $12.99

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