Thunder Cats – Classic Collector Figures

The ThunderCats are back, and better than EVER! Bandai has created a new line of toys staring these crazy cats! In the1980’s, the ThunderCats were a huge success. And now they are still selling out like crazy. And because thousands of new ThunderCat action figures are still being release, the ThunderCats series has never been so big! In this new line up of collectables, Bandai has recreated all of your favorite characters from the T.V. show and added amazing detail as well as making it as accurate to the show as possible. These new Figures can range from $9.99 to $16.99 and are for kids ages 4-11. It’s time to get back into the action and relive your childhood memory. And you can even get your kids in on the action because now the ThunderCats are back to save the day!

ThunderCats Lion-O 8″ Collector Figure Classic

ThunderCats Tygra 8″ Collector Figure Classic

ThunderCats Lion-O 6″ Collectors Action Figure

ThunderCats Panthro 6″ Collectors Action Figure

ThunderCats Mumm-Ra 6″ Collector Action Figure

ThunderCats Cheetara 4″ Action Figure

ThunderCats WilyKat 4″ Action Figure

ThunderCats WilyKit 4″ Action Figure

ThunderCats ThunderTank

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