Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Build Set by KNEX

Fear me! I am the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior! This 30 and more piece set even comes with a working suspension, chunky tires and a buildable body shell that will fulfill your child’s monster truck cravings. The realistic toy even includes K’NEXman driver for the ultimate driving experience. Young children love to imagine themselves as the driver doing tricks and flips that would take years for them to actually achieve.

No terrain? No problem! The wedge-shaped box the set comes in turns perfecting into a show stopping ramp. The instructions for how to build the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior is also included for a speedy assembly ready for fun. For truck lovers of 5 years old and up, this truck represents 1:43 scale to the real truck and performs like one too.

At $8.99, the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Build Set includes:

• 30+ parts
• Working suspension
• K’NEX man driver
• Wedge-shaped box that becomes a ramp
• Easy to follow instructions

Where to buy Walmart, Amazon

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