Justin Bieber Hairstyle Dolls and Tour Truck

Justin Bieber Hairstyle Dolls

For all you Justin Bieber fans out there, this one’s for you! The new Justin Bieber Hairstyle Dolls are out! Three new dolls wearing Justin inspired looks are ready for play! One for the beach, wearing blue beach shorts, a grey T-shirt, and sandals. And includes a ball, sunglasses and surfboard for fun and easy transportation straight to the beach! Another Justin doll specifically inspired after his stage look, wears a white long sleeved shirt, a black vest, black converse, and red jeans. This comes with a fun extra boom box! Lastly the on the go Justin! Wearing a white T-shirt, a blue sweater, blue/black jeans, and grey/green shoes, includes a purple backpack and grey folder. Most importantly these three dolls correctly portray Justin’s famous, flip-able hairstyle! Move over Ken, cause Justin is your hot new doll. Great for all Justin lovers, collect them all and be the ultimate Justin Bieber fan!

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Justin Bieber Tour Truck

If you liked the Justin Bieber dolls, you’ll also like his new toy tour truck! This fun rolling, purple truck best online casino comes with fun detail like Justin’s face plastered on the side! This truck even opens up into a stage just for him! With stage lights and a T.V screen, it exactly models a real stage! There’s also a chair that opens from the front of the truck for Justin to sit! Line up the fans and get ready to put on a show, cause with the collectable Justin dolls, and his tour truck/stage, you’ll be able to put on the show of a lifetime. With the endless possibilities and your imagination you’ll never have to say never!

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