Space Center 3368 by LEGO

Get ready to blast off with Lego City’s new Space Center! This 494 piece set is a great way to let your kids create and imagine. With so many fun accessories and extras for your child to build, they can, and will be hooked for hours! This set come with 4 minifigures, an operator, a mechanic and 2 astronauts. Enable this crew to fly up into space by helping the mechanic check the spaceship. Use him and the tools supplied, to adjust the space craft and check on the rocket’s engines. Also don’t forget that you can help to fill up the rocket with its working fuel tank and pump!

When your kid’s done with that, have them load the online casino astronauts onto the set’s working elevator and seat them in the cockpit. Then use the operator to start the countdown, and load the satellite given, and your all set! This space center makes a great gift for kids 6 and up, and will be a fun addition to anyone’s Lego collection! For $69.99, your child can send their space crew up into space with Lego’s new Space center!

Price: $69.99
Age: 6-12

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