Power Wheels Fisher-Price Ride On – Disney Pixar Cars 2 – Lil Mater

Vroom! Power Wheels Fisher-Price now introduces Ride on Lil’ Mater. This child’s car is a battery powered car for toddlers to ride on grass or any hard surfaces. Taking on the same design as the Mater from Pixar’s Car 2, it is the best gift for any occasion. It’s easy to use operation features a sound box with bilingual sounds and quotes from your child’s favorite movie making Lil’ Mater to come alive, playing with your child.
Fisher-Price has been inventing and distributing battery-powered cars since 1971. With over 30 years of experience, Fisher-Price has primed their cars into ones that kids want while making them age appropriate and easy to operate. With many lab tests and altercations to make the perfect car, Ride on Lil’ Mater will be the perfect toy for your child. With One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty guarantee, there’s nothing to lose. If there are any problems or issues at all, the Customer Service is open from 300 nationwide Authorized Service Centers to assist.

Price: $129.99

Lil’ Mater includes:

• Lil’ Mater Car: looks like Mater from Pixar’s Car 2
• Sound Box: 2 languages and quotes from the movie
• 6-volt battery
• 1 seat

You can buy it at FAO, Etoys

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