Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Hot Wheels is ready to take the race off the floor and onto the wall! With the power of gravity, you can watch you Hot Wheels racecars race down the Hot Wheels wall track! Throughout Hot Wheels history, cars were always racing on the floor, you would always have to push or use a motor device to sling your car through the tracks. But not anymore, the wall tracks set is for kids ages 4 and up and is a great toy for any kid who love Hot Wheels and the power of science! But don’t forget the customization that all Hot Wheels toys have. Even with the Walls Track you can add, twist, and change up the track into the coolest track ever!

But with so many tracks to choose from, which one will you chose? You have so many options. But to get things started, the Walls Track Starter Set is the best way to start your Hot Wheels journey on the wall. You can customize, line up cars and watch as your cars zoom down the race track in a whole new way! The Wall Tracks Starter Set comes with a full-color hanging template (for easy set-up), Command strips (that won’t damage your walls), one Hot Wheels vehicle, and of course your Wall Tracks. Hot Wheels has always been your typical floor race, but now you can bring the excitement of the Wall Tracks race to your home for $31.99!

You can purchase the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set at Mattel and Kmart or check out zooLert tracker

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