Puppy Tweets by Mattel

Do you know what your dog does when you are out? Well if you want to know what goes on in your house when your dogs are home alone, then you should take a look at this device!

Puppy Tweets is a dog tag that tells you what happens at home by using your pet’s movements and sounds. You can see if they are eating, sleeping, or whatever else they do. There are 500 tweets that are sent straight to your phone or computer, that will tell you exactly what they’re doing.

All you have to do is attach Puppy Tweets onto you dog’s collar, then connect a USB receiver to download the software! Afterwards just make a twitter for your dog, or any other pet you own, and you’re done! So now you will never have to worry about your dogs anymore! For only $29.99 you can keep an eye on your pet wherever you are today!

It is on sale for less then $10 at Amazon

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