New 3D Battling Cards – Redakai – Hands on Review

Throughout history, battling card games were always very similar to one another. These games were always place and attack, and every time you place your card down you had to add the attack and defense mentally. But now Spin Master will take one gigantic leap forward and evolve the way we play battling card games forever! This new card game will use similar rules from older games such as attacking and defending. But these cards have new and improved features that are out of this world! The new Redakai card game uses 3D technology to make the cards move. This effect makes it look like you are actually attacking your opponent. The cards also have a clear body so that when you stack up your cards it is easier to track your damage and health points. The Redakai game cards are coming out this fall and come with eight different types of packs, decks, tins, or deluxe figures to collect.

Out of all the Redakai sets, I decided to choose the Redakai Champions Tin. The Champions Tin is the best way to start your Redakai journey. With 43 cards, three character bays, one card screen with Kairu counter, and 1 draw deck, the Champions Tin had everything I needed to play Redakai with ease. And because the tin came with so many cards and accessories, my sister was able to join in on the crazy Redakai duel. But aside from the card game, the new Redakai game has so much action that it couldn’t just pack it into a card game. On Cartoon Network, a T.V. show plays all the action of the Redakai card game and animates it! This T.V. show will star all of the Redakai heros battling it out with the villains. As you can see the Redakai card game is no ordinary game. With the video game concept of character damage and the new 3D effects, playing a card game has never been so much fun!

Retail Price:
Redakai Power Pack – $5.99
Redakai Starter Pack – $12.99
Redakai Structured Deck – $17.99
Redakai Champions Tin – $29.99
Kairu Tin – $19.99
Redakai Action Figures – $9.99
Redakai Deluxe Figures – $19.99
Microglyph Animation Unit – $22.99

You can purchase the Redakai sets at Amazon, Target, Etoys, and FAO

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