ColorKu Solid Wood Puzzle

Love puzzle games? How about Sudoku? If so, the ColorKu Game is the perfect game for you. It transforms Sudoku from a number game into a color game. Players get to solve the same mind-boggling game with colors instead of colors. But the game doesn’t just stop there; it includes 104 puzzle cards, a wood playing board, 81 wood marbles in 9 colors, a color conversion card to play other activities, and a solution booklet. Just like Sudoku, try placing one marble of each color into each row, column and 3-by-3 box.
This game is for all ranges of players. If you are numbered challenged, the colored marbles make the game more accessible and fun to play. For advanced Sudoku players, the new color game provides a new challenge. With not numbers, but colors, advanced players must apply their knowledge to a new game. Adults aren’t the only players that can solve puzzles. Children 6 years and over can have a blast with this puzzling game—making it a new family game for Game Night!

Price: $29.99

This game includes:

• A beautifully crafted wooden board game
• 104 puzzle cards
• 81 colored marbles in 9 colors
• A color conversion card to play other activities
• And a solution booklet

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