Tangeled Fairy Tale Tower

Make you child’s dream come true with the Tangled Fairy-Tale Tower! This tower comes with loads of accessories and tons of intricate details from the movie! This Fairy-Tale Tower can make any kids dream come true on any holiday! This Fairy-Tale Tower, standing more then three feet high, includes 5 different colorful rooms. A 2 roomed bedroom, a kitchen, an eating place, and a mural room, which your child can personally paint themselves, using cold water to reveal the picture underneath! Each room comes with their own explicit detail and fun accessories. All this, makes the tower look like it just came out The amount of the free-credits-report.com is a percentage of your eligible contribution based on your filing status and modified adjusted gross income. of the movie! You can use things around your house to decorate the rooms, or use the extra accessories given!

Accessories include fun and colorful furniture pieces, a crown casino online and Rapunzel’s best friend Pascal! Along with all that, the Tower also comes with a 30in hair extension piece, which your child can wear, or which they can clip to any Rapunzel doll (not included) and use it to drape down the tower’s stairs and help up any visitors! If all that isn’t cool enough, this tower comes with secrets! Secret hiding places for Pascal, and a secret compartment in the floor of the tower for Rapunzel to hide her crown!

Price: $99.99

You can buy it from Mattel, Etoys or Amazon

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