Wacky New Colors With The Crayola Maker

It’s fun to color, with the new Crayon Maker! It’s even more fun when you make your own colors with the Crayon Maker. Just watch as all the colors you want in your imagination come to life! All you have to do is use any Crayola Crayon of your choice! Then put your choice of colors into the Crayon Maker and let the pieces melt (let them melt for about 10 minutes, also make sure that the safety lid is on). After you have finished, watch as all the colors begin to melt into a pool of colors!

When all of your Crayola Crayons are done melting, pour the melted colors into the mini-crayon molder. Wait until it hardens (about 10 minutes), and you’ve got yourself your own unique color! After its done hardening you can name your funky looking Crayon and color on anything you want! Let your child explore and imagine as they create with the new Crayola Maker!

Crayola Crayon Maker Details:

Retail Price: $29.99

Age Group: 8+

You can purchase the Crayola Maker at:
etoys, FAO, Kmart

You can purchase the Crayola Maker at Amazon:

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