New Mario Kart 7 3D for Nintedo 3DS

Mario Kart fans get ready because Mario is back in his new video game! This 7th edition of Mario kart is not like the rest, this one comes in 3D! This new game has many different features that other Mario Karts haven’t got. Race with all your favorite characters, and go through many fun and new race tracks!

Be able to customize your own cart, and then use new “race kart” abilities such as soaring through the skies or diving into the depths of the ocean. New courses from Mushroom Kingdom are available to you as well as new strategic abilities! Did I mention the 3D? All this brings back the fan-favorite Mario game into a whole new light! This great new racing video game is sure to keep your child entertained for hours. They can race alone, or have their friends come over and race to together!

Release date: December 2011

Video Trailer:

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