Build Your Own Halo Universe – Mega Blocks Halo Battlescape

Have you ever played Halo before? Well in this game you are taken across an amazing journey to save the universe as a Spartan named Master Chief. You may think that this is just a video game; but not anymore! Mega Blocks has created a series of Halo Mega Blocks that you can use to play with. These new sets are extremely cool and very unique. You can collect different types of characters and vehicles from the game. One of the bigger and more detailed sets from the Mega Blocks Halo series is the Halo Battlescape. This large set comes with 80 pieces and cost $39.99.

Now what I really enjoy about any type of buildable set is that your possibilities are endless. You can build the set as instructed or you can re-create this battlefield to whatever you would like. And if you collect different sets you can combine them to create the ultimate Halo universe. In the Battlescape set you are a Spartan on a mission to help your friends. But even though you have come well prepared with your Halo weapons and your Mongoose the Covenant grunts and “Active Camo” Brute are prepared to ambush you. But you can stop these Covenant units and help the Spartan finish the job. This set gives a good variety of possibilities and has very nice detail on both the Battlescape and the Mega Blocks Halo figures. With an entire battle field of Mega Blocks you can create your very own Halo universe inside your own home!

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