Mindflex Duel Game – Coming August 15, 2011

Mindflex Duel – Coming August 15, 2011

In 2009, Mindflex had the entire world using their mind to move a ball. The Mindflex game had everyone wondering and addicted for awhile. But now Mindflex is prepared to blow you away again! The new Mindflex Duel will not only have you running through obsticals but it will also put you on a race against time. With the Mindflex duel, you can challenge your friends in the ultimate Duel to see who has the better mind. And if you think you have mastered the Mindflex course you can redesign and replace all of the Mindflex pieces so that it will suit your needs.

With different Mindflex course pieces, two Mindflex Headsets, and a Mindflex Base piece, the Mindflex series has never had so much fun in one package! And because Mindflex wanted to guarantee that you had the best time ever , the Mindflex Duel game also comes with five different game modes to insure that you would have hours of fun playing with your friends. Even though the Mindflex game seems all complicated it actually is for kids ages 7 and up. This will allow younger kids to enjoy the game not only with friends but also with their parents and grandparents. For $99.99, you can do so much more with the Mindflex Duel game than any toy can offer. You can surprise your friends, mystify your family, and now you can challenge other people to see who will be the Mindflex champion!

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