OPERATION Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition Game

Help to operate on Mater and fix him up! The family favorite, Operations game has been remodeled after the Cars movies! For all your children who are Cars fans, this is the perfect game for them! Help fix up Mater by picking out different cards that tell you where you need to operate. Carefully remove the bad parts inside of him, and you’ve fixed him! But accidentally touch his sides, and his headlights will buzz and glow!

After you finish fixing Mater up, put all his fun parts back into his handy storage drawer, and you’ve completed the mission! Fix up is “busted” gear and you win! This board game comes with Mater your “Patient”, tweezers, 22 game cards, 11 plastic fun-atomy parts, play money, a storage drawer and game instructions. This fun and exciting new type of Operations game makes a great gift for any child 6 and up, and makes a great gift on any occasion!

Price: $19.99
Age: 6 and up

You can get it from Walmart, Target, Amazon

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